Multifunctional Mini Car Cell Phone Holder Black Mobile Phone Charge Box Holder Pocket Organizer Car Seat Bag Storage

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Product Description

1.Unique shape design, simple style, easy to install
2.Designed with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, strong viscidity,and with 4pcs Air outlet clip, not easy to fall off
3.Beautiful outlook, strong and durable
4.You can organize your phone, cigarette, tickets and other gadget, make you car neat
Material ABS, POM
Fit size:Less than 9CM*1.8cm of your phone, cigarette, tickets and other gadget
How to use:
1.Clean and dry the area where you want to install;
2.Take the item from the packaging;
3.Tear the cover on the double side tape on the back side;
4.Stick it on the area where you want to install.
5.OR Use 4pcs Air outlet clip to install
Before you install it (stick it on the Interior Trim panel),
you need to clear the surface of Interior Trim panel, then it will be sticked very well.
If The weather is cold like in winter, you need little heat the 3M Glue of the net, then it will stick strongly!
Package Included:
1 x Car Air outlet Storage Box



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